The perfect metal clothes rack for your home

The ideal solution for your clothes storage

Why choose a metal clothes rail?

A metal clothes rail not only offers you a robust and durable solution for storing your clothes , but also an elegant and modern design for your home . Metal is a material that impresses with its stability and flexibility, making it ideal for clothes racks and clothes rails . Compared to a conventional wardrobe , a clothes rail offers more clarity and flexibility, as it makes the room more open and accessible.

Bestsellers and high-quality products

Our bestsellers, such as the double metal clothes rack with a load capacity of 20 kg, are particularly popular with our customers. These clothes racks offer great stability and fit perfectly into various room concepts. In addition, the clothes rail system enables quick and easy assembly without the need for complex installation processes.

Variety of designs and options

Our metal clothes racks are available in various designs and sizes. Whether you are looking for a minimalist clothes rail or need a robust version for lots of storage space , you will find the right solution with us. The premium steel clothes rack with a load capacity of 110 kg is a perfect example of functionality and design. Our black metal clothes rails are particularly popular and impress with their stylish and modern design.

Advantages of metal clothes rails

Robustness and durability

Metal clothes racks are known for their robustness and durability. They can easily withstand heavier items of clothing and offer a long-lasting solution for your clothes storage . The heavy-duty clothes rack with a load capacity of 130 kg is ideal if you want to store a lot of heavy coats and jackets.

Elegant design

The elegant design of our metal clothes rails gives your home a modern and stylish look. The combination of metal and other materials such as wood creates an appealing aesthetic that fits into any room concept. Discover the industrial style clothes rack with wheels for a modern look.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our metal clothes rails are flexible and adaptable compared to traditional wardrobes . You can adjust the height and width according to your needs and thus make the most of the available space. The height-adjustable clothes rack with wheels is the perfect choice to adapt to your room and your clothes.

Practical functions and additional options

Wheels for mobility

Many of our metal clothes rails are equipped with wheels, which gives you maximum flexibility and mobility. You can easily move the rail and use it in different places. The double clothes rack with wheels is ideal for flexible use.

Additional shelves

Many of our clothes racks are equipped with additional shelves that give you additional storage space for shoes, bags and accessories. The premium steel clothes rack with wooden shelves offers you versatile storage options.

Versatile applications

Our metal clothes rails are versatile and suitable for different rooms such as bedrooms , hallways or dressing rooms . They offer you the opportunity to store your clothes wherever you need them.

Customer reviews and quality

Satisfied costumers

Our customers are impressed by the quality and design of our metal clothes rails . Read the reviews of other buyers and see for yourself what our products are like. The industrial style clothes rack with wheels has received excellent reviews.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service is always available to answer any questions or problems you may have. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and offer you a comprehensive service. Please contact us if you need assistance selecting or installing your clothes rail.

Detailed product information

In our shop you will find detailed information about all products , including material , dimensions , load capacity and price . This way you can choose the perfect clothes rail for your needs. The premium steel clothes rack with wooden shelves offers you all the important details at a glance.

Shipping and delivery

Fast and reliable shipping

We offer fast and reliable shipping to Germany and the Netherlands . Your new metal clothes rail will be safely packaged and delivered directly to your home. Order now and benefit from our attractive shipping conditions.

Easy ordering

Ordering in our shop is easy and straightforward. Select the clothes rail you want, put it in your shopping cart and complete the order. We'll take care of the rest and make sure your new clothes rail arrives quickly.

Attractive prices

Our products offer excellent value for money. You get high-quality clothes rails at fair prices. Take a look at our heavy-duty clothes rack and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which clothes rack is best for my bedroom?

For the bedroom, we recommend a sturdy and stylish clothes rail such as the industrial style clothes rack . It offers plenty of storage space and fits perfectly into any bedroom.

How much weight can a clothes rail hold?

Our clothes rails are very robust and have a high load capacity . The heavy-duty clothes rack can hold up to 130 kg and is therefore also suitable for heavy items of clothing.

Are the clothes rails easy to assemble?

Yes, assembling our clothes rails is very easy and quick. All necessary tools and instructions are included in the delivery. The Premium Steel Clothes Rack is a good example of an easy-to-assemble clothes rail.

Can I also use the clothes rail in the hallway?

Yes, our clothes rails are versatile and are also ideal for the hallway. They offer additional storage space for jackets, coats and accessories. The double clothes rack with wooden shelves is ideal for use in the hallway.

Are there clothes rails in different colors?

Yes, our clothes rails are available in different colors. You can choose the color that best suits your style and decor. Check out our selection and find the right color for your clothes rail.


A metal clothes rail is the perfect solution for stylish and functional clothes storage. It offers you numerous advantages, from easy handling to versatile use. Discover the variety of our products and find the perfect clothes rail for your home. Whether in the bedroom , hallway or dressing room - with our clothes rails you can bring order and style into your life. Order now and benefit from our high-quality products and excellent service.